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Madagascar and her herbal cure for Covid-19: Let's face the fact, By Posu Joseph

 By Posu Joseph 

In 2018, in an article titled : " Black Angel versus White Angel ", I brought to bear how Africa has been relegated to the background in the arithmetic of global politics. Since inception, no African has headed any of the trio Bretton Wood Institutions - International Monetary Fund(IMF),  World Bank( IBRD) and World Trade Organization ( WTO). 

In sport, the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA), Federation of Basket Ball Association ( FIBA) etc are all being exclusively reserved to be headed by non-Africans.

In religion, Christianity for example, the papal office in Rome, according to their constitution, can be presided over by any male Catholic member, provided that he meets up with the criteria. Since the creation of that office, however, no African has been garbed with the apparel of Pope despite seeing millions qualified for that office.

I recalled vividly in that article that I registered that no scientific evidence was available to prove that Africans are less intelligent. Africans have the same level of Intelligent Quotient (IQ) with anyone randomly picked from any other part of the World. What makes the difference is the right environment. Any idiot, I mean any idiot, can actually succeed and live a fulfilling life in US and most countries in Europe, for instance, because of the right environment and how properly organized they are. It will take a war and supreme sacrifice for  an average highly intelligent individual to achieve same in Africa. The reason is simple - environment but not intelligence.

This accounts for why many Africans, Nigerians especially, excel excellently well when the opportunity presents itself in other parts of the world.

Having the above at the background, the global pandemic the world is ravaged  with now called COVID-19 has, no doubt , become an affront to our common humanity. All the world-leading countries have become humbled and brought to their kneels having been rendered emasculated by the novel virus. 

In a global trying situation such as this, any country that finds solution to this pandemic will undoubtedly be ranked high amongst the comity of nations. Such a country would arrest a global attention and commands global respect. For centuries to come, the country would be remembered by posterities and her voice in the world politics will be regarded. Expectedly, such a country must not come from Africa as it has been the established arithmetic. But suddenly, a country appears to have claimed the solution and the country is from the continent whose Nazareth can never produce anything good - An African nation, Madagascar by name !

It would have been understandable if such a country were Nigeria or South Africa, known for their voices in Africa and their participations in global stage. But Madagascar ? Mba !

The solution provided by the Island nation is rooted in African herbs, concocted to provide the cure needed for COVID-19. Expectedly, the news raised some euphoria and hysteria. Africans can now pride themselves as a leading continent through Madagascar that has found solution to the pandemic. Many African nations have already placed order for the medicine. Therefore, any attempt to disrepute the country and its herbal solution will be frowned against by the continent. 

Unfortunately, World Health Organization, the global body in charge of global health, has refused to give greenlight to the Madagascar cure, raising the suspicion that the World is at it again to relegate Africa. 

It is expected to express sentiment by Africans and the whole reactions followed by the WHO's rejection of the cure must have been emotion-laced given the way Africa has been always treated. But should emotion be attached to a solution that has to do with human lives ? Should it be accepted hook, line and sinker without passing the necessary tests ?

In 2019 March 14, at an event to commemorate World Kidney Day, experts raised awareness on the importance of guarding against acts which can lead to kidney failure. Organized by the Renal Dialysis Centre, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, experts emphasized the need to reduce or even desist from consuming local concoctions, especially Agbo( herbal medicine) because of the possible resultant effects. In corroboration, Dr Chinedu Odum, a Nephrologist, said : " In this environment, we talk about herbs and people say they take Agbo. They say the herbs clean their system but the truth is that this concoction can damage the kidney."

In 2018 when a close relative was suffering from a kidney disease, the kidney expert attending to the patient strongly advised that the consumption of the local herb should be avoided completely.

To be honest, the herbs possess high efficacy in the cure of certain ailments. However, they often lead to the creation of other severe ailments, unknown to the victims. The reason for this is the mixture of various herbs produce mixture of chemical that is either in excess or shortage which is dangerous to health. On the other hand, let us assume that by chance, the right herbal mixture is possible, the right dose to be administered poses another threat- it is either overdosed or underdosed, leading to another problem.

Therefore, we need to detach sentiment from the Madagascar cure and follow the due process of  clinical test. If it passes the test, it should be accepted but if otherwise, it should be rejected.

© Posu,Joseph Sewanu

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