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Highlight of Rape Claims Against Ronaldo

Ronaldo Rape Allegations
Cristiano Ronaldo has hit headlines once again this week, as investigators have asked for a DNA sample relating to a rape allegation against him. 

Ronaldo’s lawyer Peter Christiansen said the DNA request was just standard procedure. stating: ‘Mr Ronaldo has always maintained, as he does today, that what occurred in Las Vegas in 2009 was consensual in nature, so it is not surprising that DNA would be present, nor that the police would make this very standard request as part of their investigation.’ 

But what was the allegation made, and where is the investigation at present?

One of the claims against Ronaldo dates back to 2009, and concerns model Kathryn Mayorga. 

She says that the Juventus star forced her to have sex with him at a Las Vegas hotel. Ms Mayorga states she was invited to join guests in a hot tub but had declined because she did not have a bathing suit. 

Ronaldo offered her clothing and then followed her into a bathroom where she was going to change clothes.

After she refused his demand to perform a sex act and said she wanted to leave, she claims Ronaldo pulled her into a bedroom and raped her while she screamed “no, no, no,”. 

When Ronaldo completed the sexual assault of the plaintiff, he allowed her to leave the bedroom stating he was sorry, he was usually a gentleman,’ documents state. 

German publication Der Spiegel then reported that, in 2010, the pair made an out-of-court settlement on the proviso she never tell anyone. Leslie Mark Stovall, lawyer for the alleged victim, stated she pledged never to speak of the accusation again and Ronaldo paid her $375,000 (£288,000).

Christiansen stated that this non-disclosure agreement ‘is by no means a confession of guilt’ and that ‘what happened in 2009 in Las Vegas was completely consensual.’ 

He also asserted that the ‘documents that allegedly contain statements by Mr Ronaldo and were reproduced in the media are pure inventions’ and were obtained as part of a hack that occurred in 2015. 

Currently, Mayorga’s lawyers are seeking to void the non-disclosure aggreement, and the Las Vegas police have re-opened their investigation on the matter. 

Stovall says that three more women have made accusations against the Portuguese footballer, but none of these women have gone public.

The five-time Ballon D’or winner has also been accused of emotional abuse and threats by CBB star Jasmine Lennard. In now-deleted tweets, she claimed Ronaldo threatened her with kidnapping and sending nude photographs to her father. 

She also branded him a ‘psychopath’ and shared unverified voice notes which she said featured the footballer making homophobic remarks. 

Bond girl Lennard then tweeted ‘I am reaching out to Kathryn Mayorga and her legal team to offer my assistance in her rape allegation against @Cristiano please contact me. I have information that I believe will be beneficial to your case and I would like to help you.’ 

Ronaldo’s legal team told Metro.co.uk: ‘Mr Ronaldo has no specific recollection of meeting Ms Lennard 10 years ago or at any point. 

He has not had a relationship with her and he has not had any contact with her, whether in the last 18 months as Ms Lennard suggests, or otherwise. ‘The voice notes posted by Ms Lennard on social media are not of Mr Ronaldo. Mr Ronaldo will take appropriate legal action in due course’.

Source: Metro UK

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