Alleged Plot To Set Rep Mato Up: A Call For Security Agencies To Carry Out Investigation

Dorothy Mato
The attention of the Media Department of Rt. Hon Mrs Dorothy Mato, a member of the House of Representatives for Vandeikya/Konshisha Federal Constituency of Benue State has been drawn to an allegation of some thugs who are planning to set Rep Mato up. 

Rep Mato believes in non-violent politics and has never used thugs or at any point encouraged the use of thugs in her political endeavors or any other person. 

It is alleged that there are plans by some unknown thugs to use arms to set her up through her campaign cars claiming she is using such arms to arm her thugs in order to discredit her and poison the minds of her supporters and others against her. 

It is obvious that Rep Mato has overwhelming support from the good and transparent people of Vandeikya/Konshisha Federal Constituency and some groups see her as emerging victoriously in 2019 House of Reps election and want to do anything within their powers to neutralize such support to their advantage. 

The Media Department of Rep Mato wishes to inform the public that Rep Mato does not use thugs and will never arm anybody to cause political unrest as this is an image-destroying plan by mischief makers for their selfish interest. 

Security agencies are therefore called to swig into action as this allegation should not be taken for granted at this period of political campaigns ahead of next year's general election when many politicians are desperate to win at all means and bring anyone found guilty to justice.

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