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Kogi East 2019: Stop Leveraging On Reputations of Former Governors For Cheap Political Gains - Group Slams Aspirants

Atai Aidoko Ali continuity group has said it is completely deceitful by political office seekers including the Senate of kogi east to drag two former governors Ibrahim Idris and Idris Wada into their political arrangement as they are father to all of us 

A statement issued on behalf of the group by the public relations officer,Idris Yakubu said the political gimmicks of politicians hiding under the hard earned reputations of the former governors is tantamount to eroding the peoples impression and confidence  about them 

AAA urged the aspirants at all levels to distant themselves from the two former governors aside paying homage as they remain strong party leaders and stakeholders,But any premeditated design to drop their names is against the spirit of collective bargaining and political development 

Aidoko group frowned at the attitude of some self seeking aspirants who have turned the houses of the two prominent sons and former governors of the state  to their sudden mecca/pilgrimage and lesser hajj to drive home their widely speculated endorsement by the duos 

He reminded this set of politicians that this were the same group of people they have connived to destabilise their government, particularly the later gang up to deny one of them the return to the leadership of the state,But suddenly because of inordinate ambition they are now their new found haven 

He urged political office seekers not to display too much desperate tendencies in their quest to cling to an elective position at all cost,saying antecedents and precedents will continue to haunt them in all their contrivance

"How can somebody who walked round the clock to shortchange the state by playing  and accomplice role for a firm that refused to honour its obligations to the state,in terms of contractual agreememt and  at the same time assisted the state into assessing billions of naira from his employers that brought about non payment of salaries and pensioners, through siphoning of same funds with the Igala race worst hit, now resort to wanting to represent the same people .it is unthinkable 

"An aspirant that some of his family members are kitchen cabinet to the current APC governmwnt in kogi with his acquaintance holding sway at the national level,suddenly find the PDP as a home.We need to tarry in kogi east and smell rat as PDP is not a dumping ground "

He said the body had a lot of confidence in the two former governors?and will not  be interested in annointing any candidate as been sold out , rather than am ensure a level ground that will restore the glory of PDP to return to power 

The two former governors have committed a lot of time and energy in rebuilding the party,saying nobody will gag them into taken any contrary decisions that will tear the party apart and denied it of winning the next election in kogi east 

The Aidoko group believed in strong supremacy of the party and not party to those that believed in short cut geared towards realising their political goals 

He congratulated the members of PDP to remain united, to ensure victory for the party in the forthcoming general elections in 2019

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