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Ejule Community Groans Over Perennial Water Shortages

Victor Alewo Adoji
The moribund Ejule water works abandoned by the kogi state government over the years had worsened the situation of water vendors in the town spearheaded by the mother of kogi east senatorial aspirant,Dr Victor Alewo Adoji,Mrs Rebecca Adoji whose family house and private borehole are daily patronized by the people of the area with a fix amount of purchase of water from the area 

This had brought to fore,negate and public glare around kogi east the claim of the kogi east senatorial aspirant of his provision of social services to various communities including his immediate environment at Ejule 

Investigations confirmed in the last few years, the mother of the current aspirant to kogi east Senate had indulged in the sales of borehole water to the Ejule public's, usually in the morning hours and evening hours with amount ranges from 20,50,100 depending on the type of water fetching instruments made available as buyers approached the area in droves with Jerry cans,drums,buckets and local basins to convey the water

Apart from the functional borehole provided by kogi east senator,Atai Aidoko Ali in front of the Ilemona clinic/ hospital at Ejule,No single public service borehole presence in Ejule Community and its environs meant for the social services of the people of the area 

Another source reliably confirmed that the threat of the public borehole provided by the current kogi east senator led to the connivance of water vendors both within and outside the community including the mother of the aspiring senator to vandalize beyond repairs the only public borehole in the town to enable them more access to perpetrate their shylock trade of water vendors  

The clamour over the selfless and voluntary presence and donation of social services instruments like water,light,hospitals/clinics and other empowerment projects as ghosts, mere political gimmicks and designed that is politically motivated to sell his candidature to kogi east people by Dr Adoji

The community have been languishing in the dearth of social services that included light,water,clinics and other essential services to the environment not untill recently when kogi east senator,Atai Aidoko Ali donated a 500kva  transformer at okele junction in Ejule to ameliorate the epileptic power supply to the area 

Contrary to the impressed belief of the community and the entire kogi east the life touching programs of the current aspirant,It is already a known fact that all the issues were based on sentiments and mere window dressing 

Recently during the stakeholders and political meetings convened by the senatorial aspirant,It was revealed that efforts to convince the aspiring senator to prevail on the mother to desist from her leading role of converging vendors to shortchange the people of her immediate community fell on deaf ear

The reported high patronage of water sales in Ejule Community, even though officially reported to the senatorial candidate did not attract any action from his consent as the buying and selling of water from the borehole point continue unabated 

The only relief for the people of Ejule Community is the current season of heavy rain in all round the area occasioned by rainy season even though it had affected greatly the high patronage been experienced by the senatorial candidate mothers commercial borehole at alloma road in Ejule 

It was confirmed that Mrs Rebecca Adoji rakes in about 200,000 weekly after all expenses at the detriment of the people of the community expected to attract developmental and basic needs like water from the aspiring senator 

Youths,women,stakeholders,community leaders have made overtures to prevail on the family to stop forthwith the sales of water in the community to no avail ,as the youths had on several occasions planned to protest against the anomaly 

However,through communal arrangements efforts are in top gear to come together and repair the borehole donated to the community by kogi east senator,Atai Aidoko Ali to ensure the continuous provision of affordable and clean water to the community 

Efforts to reach out to the aspiring senator or the campaign organisation proves abortive as his lines were either busy or the call not returned 

Commercial sales of basic necessities of life in the rural communities like provision of water negates the goals of development in both developed and developing countries world over

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