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4 Reasons Why Nigerian Men Prefer Us To Their Wives - Abuja Prostitutes Open Up

Commercial Sex Workers
Some commercial sex workers in Abuja has attributed lack of attention, satisfaction of sexual urge and styles, nagging and transfer of husband's love to children as the main reason why most Nigerian men run after them instead of their wives. 

This is even as the commercial sex workers also revealed why they prefer married men to the singles

One of them, Rose, according to The Sun said she does her “romantic business” with both married and single men. But she prefers married men because they pay well and respect them:

“But in dealing with these married men, one needs to be very careful and patient. They don’t expect calls from you.

Rather, they do the calling anytime they need you and they could even leave at the middle of the act to attend to other important businesses. I could simply believe that we are less important to them. They are simply after the fun just the way we are after their money.”

A Cameroonian, Jumia, corroborated this position. Even though she does “romantic business” with single men, she prefers such businesses with married men because of the high yield.

She confessed that she puts in her best to satisfy married men whenever they demand for her services. She observed that most of them do extra marital affairs just to have a change of sexual experience.

She said most women have taken their love and care away from their husbands and shifted it to their children: “That greatly contributed in pushing the men away from their wives. These men need time, attention and not verbal attacks and nagging.

“I always ensure they have maximum fun through different sexual styles that I know most married women can’t meet up with. That makes it difficult for any man that crosses my path to stop calling.”

Another lady, Lady White, who resides in Garki, Abuja, said apart from appreciating her with good pay, the married men are also considerate and “they handle one with care. We hangout, club and travel together. Most need someone that would give them attention which I provide to the fullest.” But for single men: “They would want to finish their lives on you. They demand for terrible styles with low pay or even end up with stories in many cases.”

Meanwhile, a taxi driver, Kenneth, confessed that he is a regular visitor to major commercial sex points in Abuja. He said there are many reasons married men rise sex workers. One of them is that most times, the sex workers are full of excitement and fun to be with unlike his nagging wife at home.

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He agreed that some men are not getting the attention they needed from their wives at home and that forced them to seek for it elsewhere.

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