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Who Is Afraid Of My Country, Nigeria?

By David Matthew

The pursuit of knowledge and expansion of experiences have landed me in the United States of America for higher studies. But my temporary relocation to this foreign country has neither stolen my heart nor deprived me of my Africanness.

In effect, I am proudly black and Nigerian. I endlessly pride in my roots, village and country, Nigeria. Our people say, “monkey no fine, but im mama like am.” I don’t give a damn about what others think or feel about Nigeria. But I know it is not just another black nation, but the first among black countries of the world.

It’s completely senseless for any foreigner or country to sell a negative stereotype of my country to me. It won’t just fly no matter the loftiness of the reasons adduced. I am absolutely upset with the baseless and consistent negative profiling of Nigeria by foreign nationals, international organizations and other so-called super powers or developed nations.

Each country of the world has its own peculiar problems. But such countries are not often ridiculed, or subjected to the constant verbal bashings or unhealthy intrusions as excitedly extended to Nigeria. I cannot deny that my country is held back by its own peculiar problems dilemmas. But others are neither free nor insulated from such internal maladies.

Those who delight in scolding Nigeria; those who are working on the sidelines to ensure the destabilization and disintegration of Nigeria, in dark chambers, should not appear as saints before us at day break. Nigeria is an independent country for Christ’s sake!

Everybody and foreign nation so eager in limitlessly and carelessly intruding into our internal affairs must know and respect Nigeria as a sovereign nation, with its separate territorial boundaries.

This nation is a member-state to regional, continental and world bodies. It is a member of ECOWAS, African Union (AU) and the United Nations (UN) among others. And it is on the premise of equality and freedom exercisable under international laws and conventions.

I have been spurred into these diatribes because of the inordinate desire of some foreigners or what our people call “busybodies” to dictate to us, traduce our liberties and freedom, while sarcastically undermining our sovereignty.

This penchant must halt forthwith. My country is no slave to any other nation on earth and this subtle re-colonialism and imperialism must be checkmated.

It is bad enough that killings have occurred on the Plateau, like in some other parts of the country. It’s unfortunate that we have lost our dear ones to the template of unmitigated violence, leading to bloodbath in recent times. The Government of my home country has been battling to contain the upsurge of killings. It is applying its best wisdom, energies, and security skills and expending vital state resources to protect lives and property of the citizenry. It does not foreclose the possibility of lapses, as its normal with every human endeavor.

At some point, I have read of the ignoble roles played by some foreigners in the festering crises. But in spite of the gang-up against us us, President Muhammedu Buhari has proven repeatedly that these forces and enemies of our country cannot overwhelm him, so long as he remains the President of Nigeria. In his mood, actions and utterances, one sees the genuine commitment and determination to transcend the afflictions of his country.

 Therefore, I consider it extremely and unpardonably absurd for any foreign agent to attempt to overtly deride the efforts of our President in quelling these insurrections. He ought to be supported, encouraged and assisted, rather than the irritating vilification churned out by veiled agents.

I was sparked into anger by the commentary of Amnesty International (AI) on the latest Jos killings. Does it mean there are no internationally defined restriction benchmarks of interference into the internal affairs of other countries by alien organizations and countries? AI is found of this unconventionality and most times, act more as a member of the opposition against the ruling government in Nigeria.

A public statement, AI haughtily indulged into the known pranks and polemics of disgruntled opposition elements. In a reactionary statement in Abuja by AI’s Country Director, Mr. Osai Ojigho, the organization indicted the Federal Government for failure to “hold murderers to account.”

It proceeded to say several nasty things about the government’s handling of the herder/farmers clashes, and even ignored actions and steps taken by government to tame the crises. This is provocative hogwash.

Is Nigeria the only country embroiled in such crises to warrant AI’s consistent damning verdict, which it fails to substantiate at all times? Western nations have similar or worse terrorism crises, but AI does not blow their trumpet of inactions or blame the governments of such nations for whatever noticeable lapses.

May I ask AI! Could the British Government stop the September 15, 2017 bucket bomb attack on a London subway which killed no fewer than  22 people? What about the June 3rd, 2017 van  ramming and stabbing incident in London, which killed seven people and injured a dozen others?

In America where I am temporary domiciled, memories of the Orlando nightclub shooting on June 12, 2016, where a terrorist, Omar Mateen attacked an gay nightclub, killing 50 people are still fresh. Or why America with all its sophistry failed to prevent the ISIS sponsored terror attacks after the October 31, 2017 truck ramming incident in New York City, which sniffed life out of   eight people and injured several others?

I have asked myself several questions, but can’t find answers. But why would anyone wish and work behind the scenes for the destabilization and disintegration of Nigeria? Why the acidic focus on Nigeria, whereas we are having the same issues in the US, Britain, France, Germany and many other parts of the West?

It’s a shame for these foreign entrepreneurs of destabilization to think they know how to handle our problems better than us. The Nigerian experience, as bad as it may appear, is replicated in worse forms in other countries. So, why do they want Nigeria crucified, dead and buried?

I should not be mistaken for a prophet of doom. But we have not read AI’s bitter commentaries on such incidents elsewhere, which could still occur tomorrow in any of these countries. So, why the extreme focus on Nigeria, as if my dear country is a mere appendage of these other western nations? We are not and would never be!

I wish to make this solemn appear to all my country men and women. They must stand up against these diabolic Western schemes and influences against their country. This was how they crafted the Arab spring and plunged most countries into total ruination. What has been achieved by these nations after leading the likes of Libya, Egypt, Tunisia and other failed nations today into destruction?

I ask again; who is afraid of Nigeria? The plan is to keep our country perpetually fastened to the strings of retardation and underdevelopment, to impose a permanent complex of inferiority or lesser human beings on us. But all of us know our country is endowed and our people very talented.

This caution is timely and necessary because we have no option than to resolve this minute to safeguard this republic and sovereignty from the intemperate manipulations of these ravenous Western wolves. Nigerians, please shine your eyes oooo!  Danger looms ahead should we sustain our complacency and continue to hail those plotting to destroy us and our country.

Matthew wrote this piece from University of Southern California, USA.

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