Osun 2018: Oyemomi Picks Nomination Form, promises Youths development, Entrepreneurship skills, Women Empowerment, Mechanised Agriculture ,Tourisms, others | News Proof



Osun 2018: Oyemomi Picks Nomination Form, promises Youths development, Entrepreneurship skills, Women Empowerment, Mechanised Agriculture ,Tourisms, others

Ezekiel Oyebola Oyemomi
Dr. Ezekiel Oyebola Oyemomi, one of the leading contenders in the forthcoming Governorship race  in the State of  Osun has  opined, that he is in the race in order to move the  state forward,, as he is ready to put his past experience into use

He, however, promised that if he becomes the governor of Osun State he would rule and obey the rules of the country and being a retired civil
servant who had dealt with various people and organisations both in Nigeria and abroad, he would apply all his wealth of experience into
governance and do what would make people respect him and his government

 He also went further to say that the he would invest on Youth Development, Women empowerment, Tourism boosting, rural development, amongst other things that could make life more meaningful to the citizens of the State, if given the chance to rule the state.

    Oyemomi, a former Federal Permanent Secretary , Farmer and   Chartered Accountant said this on Monday in Osogbo after picking his nomination form under the   All Progressives Congress APC platform.

  “I am a man of the people and I am virtually known by those in my community and beyond there. My mission is to serve. Make live more meaningful to the downtrodden. Promotes good governance, boost Tourism especially when you put in mind the cultural values that abounds in the state of Osun.

  “The farmers and pensioners will see in me a friend and partner. Women empowerment programme  that could let them be self-reliant will  be one of the key points of our administration. Beyond these, mechanized and industrialised  agriculture will be introduced putting in mind that we need to look  inward into making the farmers the ‘kings’ Yoruba call them (Agbe l’oba) ; all these we shall  promote to a  greater level. This is not to hide the fact that I was once a teacher and currently a pensioner. I believe also that these categories of people will know that I will never close my eyes to their needs”

     Continuing, Oyemomi who was surrounded by his supporters went further to say that Vocational education would be introduced to the Youth in order to be abreast of entrepreneurship initiatives.

  “The idea of Youth coming out of schools with nothing meaningful to do will be looked into. We will create   laudable and positive ideas that could placed them above their peers, or put them at the same level with them globally. Mentors would be found for them in order to learn from those who have seen it all.   I believe in equity, justice and fairness. I will put this into practice. I will work closely with my commissioners and aides, because I would monitor projects given out so that those who vote us in could reap the dividends of democracy”.

   Dr. Oyemomi declared that he was ready for the governorship election and that he has been moving round to ensure that he is victorious during the primary of the party to select its flag bearer in the coming governorship primary election

   ‘’I have been moving round the whole state and I am happy with the ways people are responding, and this has further encouraged me to work harder for the ticket of the party. Because, those  that I met are convinced that for the state to move forward, someone with wide range of experience and a good administrator is needed right now in Osun State, to continue with what is on ground, and add other meaningful one that would make other states of the federation envious of the State of  Osun ’’

  Oyemomi who was once a Permanent Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Defence, Land and Housing, Women Affairs and the Head of Service 
respectively  called on politicians in Nigeria not to do anything that would put the current political dispensation into disrepute, saying that they should be honest and show transparency in everything that they do so that they would be respected, and the people would know that they are
actually out to serve.

   The present day politicians he said should lead by example and not arrogate so much importance to themselves, which could make them feel
that they are above the law.  What the country needs now, he said, should be leadership by example not arrogance, and doing things without thinking of the effect in future.

    “I believe in the party supremacy and would not  do anything that could tarnish the image of our elders and that of the masses who voted us in”. He concluded.

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