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Osun 2018: Let Our Primary Be Free, Fair - Dr. Oyemomi, APC Guber Aspirant Counsels 24hrs To Primary

Dr, Ezekiel Oyebola  Oyemomi
One of the topmost All Progressives Party Congress, (APC), Gubernatorial aspirants in the State of Osun, Dr, Ezekiel Oyebola  Oyemomi,  has called on the leaders of the party to make the primary election which has been postponed twice, free and fair.

Addressing his loyalists and Media men in his office, Oyemomi opined that there should be no imposition of a particular candidate as this could lead to disintegration of the party. And if they want unity to loom large, those at the helms of affairs should allow the wishes of the people to prevail. And this is barely 24 hours to the election.

“The growth and development of the State of Osun is paramount to me. Imposition of a particular candidate without transparency will surely have a negative impact on the party. It can even dampen or dwindle the interest of those coming behind us. Inability to be fair to all aspirants can put both the State and her citizens in a disharmony position” Oyemomi, a Retired Federal Permanent Secretary said.

Continuing, Oyemomi whose some of his key programs are, Human Development, Women Empowerment, Good Health Care System, Youth Development, Industrialized Agriculture, amongst others, went further to say, inducing delegates with money will never produce a good and credible candidate.

“It has been observed that some aspirants are going up and down to induce delegates with money; they should leave these people to choose the candidate they prefer. Monetisation of delegates can never lead to the best candidature.  And I am happy that many delegates are drumming it loud and clear   that they cannot buy their conscience. What the State of  Osun needs now is a credible candidate, who is reliable, efficient, competent and with lots of experience and connection.

“Experience in this game matters. And if someone without experience emerges as the party candidate as a result of inducement and imposition; it will have a negative effect on the continuity of the good work of the outgoing administration. I will continue to hammer on this”

The Farmer cum Pensioner went further to say the image of the All Progressives Party (APC) matters most, as it won’t be good for people to see the great Party as the one that worships money, induce supporters for political gains. They should rather see it as a party yearning for how the lives of ordinary citizens can be transformed positively beyond what it is now.

He then called on the State and National Executives to ensure transparency that could produce the best candidate and team player.

On a final note, Oyemomi reiterated his stand that Osun West Senatorial District should be given the chance to produce the next Governor.

“It is imperative that the candidate of our great party should come from Osun West to represent equity, justice and fair play which the progressives are known for” He concluded.

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