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OYEMOMI: APC has credible people jostling to take over from Aregbesola – Osun APC chairman Famodun

Dr. Ezekiel Oyebola Oyemomi
THE All Progressives Congress (APC) has credible people in its fold who are willing to take over the mantle of leadership in Osun State after the exit of the incumbent, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, who will be vacating office on 27th November this year.

This statement was made by the Chairman of the Party in Osun Prince Gboyega Famodun, during the declaration of One of the 28 aspirants, Dr. Ezekiel Oyebola Oyemomi willing to contest the Governorship election, under the platform of the     APC.

Prince Famodun, said that unlike the opposition, the APC is now parading capable aspirants who have been tested in their various fields and professions, and that whoever takes over from the present governor among the aspirants would not let the people of the State     down.

According to him, among the credible aspirants in the APC in Osun State is Dr. Oyemomi who is a technocrat and who has worked as Permanent Secretary in many Federal Ministries in Nigeria. Including Police affairs, Defence, Agriculture, Lands and Housing, Women Affairs and Social Development and Office of the head of Civil Service of the federation before he retired.

He further stated that Oyemomi has mapped out ten (10) main mandate     thrust platform of governance, which are intended to better the lots of the people of Osun. The ten areas are Agriculture, Youth Orientation, Engagement and Empowerment, Functional Education, Women Empowerment and Repositioning, Rural Infractructure Development and Rehabilitation, Staff Development and Re-orientation, Rehabilitation and Reposition of the Health Sector, Development of Art and culture, Tourism and industrialization  

Explaining the motive behind his coming out to contest the governorship under the APC, Dr. Oyemomi, who hails from Olugbon compound, Orile- Owu in Ayedaade South Local Council Development Area which was carved out of the Ayedade Local government, said that his intention after retirement was to  be actively involved in his commercial business, including offering his services as a consultant in agriculture, policies and other areas but while working hard toward making a mark in all the enumerated ventures, old friends and others who know what he can do, said no  as they believed that  he was still very strong and could render selfless service to the people; adding that if   he was able to contribute so much at the federal level,  there was nothing wrong  if the same could be extended to the state of Osun which  would need someone in his mould after the exit of Ogbeni Aregbesola.

He pointed out that his friends, well meaning and concerned people within and outside the state further argued that the state would not need an inexperienced person or someone who would only want to play politics with the lives of the people but rather a serious minded person, well equipped and experienced to move the State forward. They also argued that they were convinced that ‘’I fitted perfectly into the qualities of the person the people are looking for.’’

According to him ‘’after searching my mind and weighing various options  and having considered my experience in the service and my connections both at home and abroad,  I agreed with them that it would be a great disservice to my State of origin if I should fail to offer my service for the benefit of my people.’’

Dr. Oyemomi pointed out that while in service at the federal level, he had dealt with various international agencies and organizations and he was prepared to use his connections with them because he was already aware of where these organizations would be useful for the development of Osun State.

He believed that politics to him would be continuation of service to the people and “I don’t think I am out of line  to want to continue serving through politics, even when I was a civil servant, all we were doing was delivering the benefits or what you called dividends of democracy to the people.’’

According to him, he had served nine administrations including Military  and civilian while in service at the Federal level ‘’but I will say that it is a big different thing, serving under a civilian rule as compared to the Military government’’
He further said that he has everything it takes to move Osun State forward because as a retired Federal Permanent Secretary, he had interacted with state government officials.‘’I know their problems and how to solve them. I had related with members of the National Assembly in the course of my discharging my official duties. ‘’

He also argued that he had had direct opportunities to relate with people at the state level   ‘’I know their problems and appropriate solutions required. As such, my 31 years experience at the Federal Civil Service will enable me serve Osun State in such a way that we will improve their lives and their means of livelihood.’’

The astute technocrat and politician told the large crowd at the declaration that he would attempt to match what has been achieved in Lagos, saying that most of the technocrats who had served and still serving at the helms of affairs in some state of the federation did well and never disappointed the people and their performances still remain indelible     today. .

He affirmed, ‘I am a technocrat. Look at the example of what is happening in Lagos, Ogun, Gombe states. Look at that entleman inAnambra State. Today give it to the technocrats and you will not regret it. Secondly, look at the problems that we have in the state. Being a teacher myself, I will have teachers on my side. Being a technocrat, the current civil Servants in the State will see a friend in me. I happen to be a pensioner: the pensioners who have been complaining here and there will say, look’ this is one of us. He should be able to do it and make things better for us’’ I am also a farmer; the farmers will find a good partner in me. I have worked in places where those experiences will matter in governance.’’ He further argued.

He therefore, urged members of the party to look very well and deeply too, for a credible person who is not out to deceive them but willing to work at this crucial stage of Osun State. ‘’ Let me reiterate my earlier stand at this juncture that to me, politics is not a do or die affair, I believe it should be seen as a service to the people. By this declaration, I thus offer myself to serve.’’

He commended the leadership of the party at the federal and state levels, saying that what should be their paramount concern was how the party would win the election to further transform Osun State beyond what it is today and not what would stagnate it.

He argued that any slip or mistake by the party would be disastrous as he reiterated the stand of the people of Osun West that the governorship should come to the zone. He pointed out that anything outside this would amount to injustice and the APC should be seen as a Political Party which Treasury Equity, Justice and Fairness in everything. ‘’This should be reflected in order not to confirm the fear from some quarters that the highest bidder would be the yardstick that would deprive the party and the state the best material for the job’’

Oyemomi also spoke about the qualities of Aregbesola saying that he knew that he judiciously expended the funds of the State for the betterment of the people. He pointed out that the empowerment of theyouth and women would be the priority of his government.    

He said that he believed in party supremacy and cited the example of Chief Meredith Adisa Akinloye who was the National Chairman of the defunct National Party of Nigeria (NPN) during the time the former  President Usman Aliu Sheu Shagari was at the helms of affairs at the Federal level. ‘’As the governor of the state, I know what to do, and I will take special care of the party’’.

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