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Buhari, Obasanjo Face-off: Oyemomi, Osun Governorship Aspirant Calls For Truce, Urges Well-meaning Nigerians To Wade In

Obasanjo and Buhari
The faceoff between former President Olusegun  Obasanjo and the incumbent , President Muhammadu  Buhari is now cause for concern and  well-meaning Nigerians should wade in, before the situation gets out of hand, Dr. Ezekiel Oyebola Oyemomi, has declared.

Dr. Oyemomi, a governorship aspirant under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) at a special meeting with his supporters in his home town Owu in Osun State argued that it was disheartening that the two leaders are bringing issues which ought to have been settled officially in to the open in a way that is now diminishing the country.

He said, he was against the way the two of them are handling the matter which does not portray them in good light in the presence of the entire world, saying that the brick bat they are throwing at each other was not good enough and it needs the interventions of well meaning Nigerians, elder statesmen, notable religious leaders and traditional rulers across the country.

 He argued that although some people, especially the detractors of the due would see the war of words between the two leaders as normal and good for Nigeria’s democracy, ‘’as far as I am concerned, I believed that the two leaders should not have allowed whatever may be their differences to go so viral to the extent of washing their dirty linen in public and most especially in the glare of the entire world.’’

  ‘’Their actions to me, should not be seen as normal, it has turned political and the moment it has turned to be so, it means that it has become a war between their supporters and admirers. This is also an indication that the whole scenario has turned to a game of politics with bitterness which does not speaks well for the country.

‘’ One thing which those who endorsed the face off don’t realize that if we failed to put a stop to it, it could destroy the country and cause tribal sentiment and before we know it, the entire country could go into flames. Not that I am against accountability, what gives me concern is the way both of them are going about it. President  Buhari and former President Obasanjo  should exhibit maturity and should not allow their detractors and enemy of progress of Nigeria to push them to a situation that both of them would become ridiculous objects in the eyes of the world, a situation which on the long run could tarnish the image of the country’’    

‘’Let the two leaders know that the whole country and the entire world are watching and whatever they do would be a point of reference in future. I believed that there are other ways both of them could vent their angers on each other but not in a way that would bring disrepute to Nigeria.’’

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