Man is a bundle of emotions. Our Emotions play critical roles on how we think and behave – and respond to stimulus or events around us. Emotions are what we feel every day and they can compel us to take certain actions as well as influence the decisions we make about our lives. Our emotions can INFLUENCE our overall behavior.

Different interplays of elements impact our emotional responses, and influence the outcome of our relationships. Incidentally, emotions can be really complex, and, response to emotional stimuli – rational or irrational, may have life-changing impact on our lives.

We all want an opportunity for emotional venting. You will be surprised about the emotional conflicts that many people go through on a daily basis – and this has devastating impact on relationships and careers. 

Over time we have come to the realization that unresolved, unvented and unprocessed emotions impact our health negatively – and relationships on the long run.  Thus, the power of Love Influence steps in as a stabilization tool for a rational emotional balance.

This book, The Influence of Love, brings the power of INFLUENCE in emotional entanglements, often referred to as ‘LOVE’ to the fore. This chronicle of true-life events, written in episodes, accentuates the powerful dynamics of INFLUENCE, which directly affects decisions of partners in relationships. Each episode reflects individual emotional struggles, conflicts, and sometimes, painful resolution processes. Of great importance is the author’s key principle that “a relationship without invisible underpinning INFLUENCING variables is chaff at best”. 

The Influence of Love broadens the reader’s perspectives and complexities of Love and Emotions, while strengthening the importance of principles, values and mores in crisis resolution.

It has been proven that LOVE INFLUENCE, which is predicated on emotional maturity, stability and rationality, propels most successful relationships. Enjoy exploring the depth of pain, emotion, pleasure and rationality that form the building blocks of stable relationships via the INFLUENCE OF LOVE.

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Preface: Fidelity: Stabilizing Emotional Foundation
Focuses on the importance of FIDELITY in longevity of relationships. Reveals what women can do to keep their spouses/partners in the straight and narrow path – using the INFLUENCE OF LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING. This Chapter also outlines some ACTION STEPS we need to take in keeping our spouses on the FIDLITY COURSE – Love, Respect, Understanding…. etc.

Episode One: The Power of Love 
Explores inherent Confusions and Conflicts arising from Depression, Pain and Miseries of losses. Age-Gap indifferences remain as INSIGNIFCANT REMAINS MOUTHED as a ‘number’. Social perceptions continue to modify behaviour of players – impacting relationship outcomes. We see unpleasant results, however, emotional rationality through careful and committed counseling pulls Kandrea out of the whirlpool of emotional misery 

Episode Two: Love: Strengthened in Weakness
Death naturally brings along with it Sadness – especially the death of a spouse. While comparison may seem insensitive, widowhood is easier on women because they are endowed God-given Super abilities to manage the home and nurture their children. Widowed Engr. Kizito joggled with the complexities of raising his children and being an exemplary employee. However, the entrance of a new experience named Adesuwa upset the serene atmosphere. Managing this complexity was traumatizing. The Influence of TRUE LOVE threw the strangers off the curve…

Episode Three: When Love Feels Very Wrong
Are there times when love feels wrong? Entering into relationships requires an internal barometer to checkmate DESIRES VS COMMONSENSE. Our quickest and wits to overreach ourselves can turn awry. Mary-Jane learnt the hardest lesson of her life: Benefiting from a break-up between your mutual friends never really turns BENEFICIAL. Trying to hook a man with pregnancy in order to marry him always turn counter productive because it is AGAINST GOD’S STANDARD. This action eventually comes with a variety of negative emotions

Episode Four: The God Factor in Emotional Conflicts
When the family a well known Pastor and Deliverance Minister is faced with the worst form of temptation, you realize the mortal nature of the ‘Man of God’.  Religious leaders are not immune to emotional conflicts that may impact their ministries. When a Minister’s daughter is RAPED and IMPREGNATED by Armed Bandits during a Crossover service, the peace at home is broken. Only an God-directed Mind can cause RATIONALITY that leads to painful but acceptable resolution

Episode Five: Emotional Triangle and Conflicts
Every marriage consummated has an underlying hope of multiplication – Children. Subtle emotional conflicts gradually snowball into whirlpool of irrationality. Sometimes, behaviours cause intensity of love to wane. What is the emotional condition of a home where the WIFE hopes that a child could revive lost love? Emotional Triangles naturally breeds conflicts. 

Episode Six: Class Clash: The Triumph of True Love
Nellie captures this episode concisely. “No one can tell a bird where to perch; thus, no one can direct the heart whom to love”, In our climate, our relationships are often based on verbal or non-verbal approvals/disapprovals of people we respect. Love does not have a Class or Religion. Whose love has been large enough to marry a dying man in order to save him? Hadiza faced family expulsion, lost all her savings in order to save Richard who had only 5% chance of living. FAITH IN GOD and a good dose of Emotional Maturity can cause the miraculous to manifest.

Episode Seven: Emotional Blackmail or Love?
The concept of MUTUAL POLYGAMY is not strange. Many decades ago, women who could no longer have children could ‘marry’ wives for their husbands to extend or expand the family line. Most Mutual Polygamy situations are discussed and agreed by families. When a man who claims he loves his wife wakes up to REQUEST approval of his wife to marry a stranger who meets ALL HIS NEEDS, you wonder what planet he is from. In this episode, a perfect marriage is upset by a man’s need to eat his cake and have it. What can the woman do? Are there areas of her life needing ‘an upgrade’?

Episode Eight: Emotional Deception?
I have heard it say many times that LOVE IS ONLY IMPORTANT INGREDIENT IN MARRIAGE. When a woman marries any man who meets her financial needs and marries without love, she automatically puts herself in a self-designed MAXIMUM SECURITY PRISON. While Money and Power are good considerations, the Author cautions that LOVE SHOULD BE THE DRIVING FORCE. Unconditional Love gives purpose to the presence of money and power in relationships. The home of Constance and Chief Willie became a theatre or emotional drama as the KEY CONSIDERATIONS in Marriage were neglected.

Epilogue: Reflections: Emotional Complexities 

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