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Osun 2018: It's Oyemomi Versus Others As Osun West Insists On Producing The Next Governor

Ezekiel Oyemomi
As the battle for the Abere Governors office and the Okefia government house draws near, politicians in Osun state of the living spring, have started positioning themselves for various political offices.  They have as well been mapping out strategies that would help and sustain their aspirations to win the ticket of their various political parties.

Of all the political position at stake, the governorship, coming up in few months from now, is the most crucial and very significant to the entire people of Osun State as they are hitching to know who takes over from Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola.

Right now,, serious politicking has been has started, all over the state, while, the stakeholders in the coming election are not leaving anything to chance or willing to succumb to hindrances that could make them lose out either in winning the tickets of their   various political parties  or the final governorship election.

Already there were different schools of thoughts as to how the governorship election should be held. For over a year now, politicians and political parties have been coming up with diverse opinions and Formular, as to what should be done. While some believe it must be strictly on senatorial Zoning, others believed that it should be based on federal constituency, while some people were of the opinion that it should not be either of the two suggestions but the opportunity should be giving to who is fit and has the capability to deliver the state and turn it around in a more diverse way that would complement the efforts of the present government of Governor Aregbesola and even surpass it.

Although there are over 20 political parties with arrays of politicians, known and unknown, tested and just coming up aspirants, jostling for the curveted seat at Abere, and Okefia, only one political party and a candidate would eventually emerge the winner.  But of all the political parties, only two of them, the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) and the All Progressives Congress (APC) which is now ruling the State are in hot contention.  Those are the parties where notable and strong aspirants have come out for the big battle.  Some of these aspirants have tried their chances ones or twice, while some are coming out for the first time.

From what is happening in Osun state today, the issue of where the governor should come from is still generating a big heat and concern among the people. Since the present political dispensation in 1999 two senatorial zones out of the three have been producing the governor.  Chief Bisi Akande and Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola are both from Osun Central while the incumbent Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola who would be ending his second term of eight years in November this year is from Osun East Senatorial district.

Right now only Osun West Senatorial district is yet to produce the governor and that is why the clamour that the zone should be the next to produce the governor without any ambiguity, and for equity,   justice and fair play.  Both traditional rulers and those that matter in the zone are putting everything they have to ensure that the chance did not elude the zone. As at today, notable politicians have shown interests in osun west and the battle there is tense as well.   

Whatever the case may be, the criteria for the next governor of the State, is very high as it was being said that whoever would come after Aregbesola, should be honest, dedicated, loveable, and transparent and prepared to take the state beyond the present level and industrialize it.

Of all the aspirants in the state and Osun West in particular one of those who fits into the qualities needed is Dr. Ezekiel  Oyebola Oyemomi. He is among several aspirants contesting under the Platform of the APC. To many people in the state, he stands out as it was believed that he equally has all it takes to be at the helms of the affairs with everything that would uplift osun state

 As he said recently, ‘’ I will not only allow for continuity, I will follow the guideline and strongly implement all the cardinal programmes of the APC if elected as governor’’. He also indicated his intention and wealth of experience to build the state to an enviable position.  Even from the opinions of labour, peasants, artisan and both market men and women, and even some politicians across the political parties, he is most favoured. The general impression is that he has not been enmeshed in any controversy either politically or economically. They see him as a neutral person, humane and not in any way involved in dirty politics as well as engaging in politics with bitterness.

From the feelers in Oyemomi’s camp, he has already mapped out how Osun state would contribute to the economic development of Nigeria, especially with the enormous cocoa, Palm kernel and timber.  Not this alone, he is ready to take the advantage   to develop live stocks, food crops, cash crops and other agricultural products that would form very big investment for the state.

As a former Federal Permanent secretary of Housing, Women Affairs, Defense, Agriculture and to cap it all the head of service, he has a wide experience to transform the state in all the areas where he was  directing the policies of government at the federal level.

According to his camp, Oyemomi believes that Osun state by now should be one of the major states in the country, producing the raw materials for the Agro allied industries in the country and he is ready to pay greater attention to this. One major advantage which has not been tapped by previous administration as they should is the solid Minerals which are still being tapped illegally. He believes that if all these areas are well looked into; the state would even be free from depending on federal allocation and create sustainable employment for the youths.

While he would ensure that the state is well protected security wise, he would go further to introduce a new Housing scheme that would favour the workers and the generality of the people in the state.  It was argued that Oyemomi   being a kind  hearted person would want to ensure that his housing policy would be unique and different from what has been obtained in the country ‘’because he believes that everybody must have  shelters to lay their heads’’

According to one of his supporters, what pains Oyemomi most and why he wants to rule is that he wants to change the attitude and orientation of the people to be self sustenance and eradicate poverty level this has hindered the growth and progress of individuals and the entire state. He is also interested in embarking on various projects that would constantly put money into the pockets of the people.

What people say about him is complementary to his aspirations and mission for the state.  Some people believe that his utterances and the way he carries himself, he appears to be humble and honest. They also believe that he talks about issues, what affects the people and how he intends to tackle them. They argued that with what he has rolled out, coupled with the manifestoes of the APC there were indications that he is serious and ready for the job and take the state to greater heights.

There is no doubt that whoever would rule Osun state now would face some challenges, but whatever the challenges that may arise, Oyemomi is ready for them. He has already assembled a strong think- tank committee of technocrat, politicians, industrialists and economists who are working on different areas of the likely challenges that may confront his administration if he emerges the governor of the state.

Oyemomi’s mission is the driving force to ensure a better tomorrow for the generation coming and yet unborn that is why his articulated and well thought out programmers’ especially on agriculture and housing would change the face of osun and add value to the people He would as well give prominence to the indigenes and home based politicians in terms of political appointments. The local artisans and contractors too would also be favored and patronized for trade and business to grow.

The notion now in his camp and amongst his admirers is that it would be a disservice to Nigeria, the State and the people, if Oyemomi is not given the opportunity to fly the flag of his party APC as he stand shoulder high among his other contestants. They also called for transparency in the primary which should also not be a game of imposition as they were sure that if the primary is allowed to free and fair, Oyemomi is in a better position to clinch the ticket of the party as he is also equal to the task.

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