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Nigeria's Unity Is Sacrosanct - Oluwo Says As He Dresses In Igbo Attire, Clamours For Abrogation of "State of Origin"

Abdul-Rasheed Adewale Akanbi The Oluwo of Iwolan, Oba (Dr.) Abdul-Rasheed Adewale Akanbi, Telu 1 has said the unity of Nigeria is sacrosanct, thereby calling for the abrogation of "State of Origin" policies in Nigeria to ensure an indivisible united nation.

The Paramount Osun Monarch made the call during the installation of  the installation of the first Asiwaju (Leader) of Igbo Assembly in Iwoland

The Telu 1, who himself dressed in Igbo attire while addressing the crowd who besieged his palace for the ceremony today 27th May 2018 enjoined all Nigerian leaders to see themselves as a father of all irrespective of ethnic, tribe or origin

The monarch, who has before now made several gestures in promoting the unity of Nigeria by wading into different ethnic crisis in other parts of the nation, said Nigeria's unity is sacrosanct.

Oluwo, however,  tasked government to relax policies militating against the oneness of Nigeria.  Such policies according to him are; the state of origin certificate, restriction of political aspirations to one's native state and many others.

He said ethnic divide has done the nation much harm and no good. He beseeched all Nigerians to appreciate modern practices obtainable in developed nations for national development. He pointed only Lagos and Osun State are accommodating and voting people of different ethnic attachment into the positions of authority.

He advised the wearing of other tribe's clothes to foster love and unity that will make Nigeria one and prepare a better future for every Nigerian regardless of where they chose to live.  He equally implores other kings to adopt every Nigerians as their own child

The Oluwo posited that palaces should be seen as an exclusive center for unity. A place where  unity should be fostered. He, therefore, appealed to monarchs across the country to treat all Nigerians equally and make their palace open to everyone irrespective of their ethnic or tribe.

In his address, Oluwo noted that the religious and ethnic clashes have seriously dwindled Nigeria economy to the inconvenience of all

He said many ethnic clashes would have been foiled should all Nigerians see themselves as one and every monarch treats all equally as a father of all. He said Palace authority should shun all forms of discrimination and stigmatization of other tribes. 

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