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Nigerians should shun utterances that could bring disrepute to the nation

Oyebola Oyemom
Nigerians especially people in Osun state have been advised to shun utterances that would diminish their fellow human beings and ensure the unity   of the country.

Chief Oyebola Oyemomi one of the governorship aspirants in Osun state, under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) gave this advice during his Ramadan message to the people of Osun State. 

He said that the people of the state should see the period of , to leave a new life and make sure that the obey the tenets’ of Islam  as laid down by the Holy Prophet Muhammed who throughout his life time hate backbiting and love  his fellow human beings and did not exhit bitterness while alive.
He pointed out that the period of Ramadan should be that to show of a sober reflection and a period to shun all vices that are not befitting to Islam which is a religion of peace and unity.

On the political development in the country is said that at this period of Ramadan, politician should ensure that abide by the rules of the game shun thugery, violence and brigandage that could cause disruption of peace and harmony among the people. He said what should be paramount in minds is how to govern and better the lots of the people.” Politicians during this period of Ramadan should not think of deceiving the people but show that are ready to lead the people aright” 

Chief Oyemomi on the insecurity pervading the country now said” Ramadan is period when we should have a re-think about our attitude and deviate from crime. We must all do what is just to save Nigeria from calamity and total collapse. Leader should there subject as human being and not treat them with levity. We should all do away with criminal tendencies which could be inimical to the development and progress of the country”

He called on the insurgence, (Boko-Haram) to use the Ramadan period to have a change of mind and stop killing innocent people since they claimed that they are protecting Islam which negates what Islam preaches. He also wants Fulani Herdsmen to cooperate with the people and stop instruction of lives and properties. “Let all Nigerian’s leave together, in peace and harmony while reach among us should take care of needy and be are brother keepers to go in line with the teaching of great Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W).   

I am ready  for the All Progressives congress Primary---- Oyemomi
 Nobody can disturb me from contesting the governorship race in osun state as I am now ready for the APC primary.

This was the made by  a governorship aspirant, under the platform of the APCs while talking with his supporters at the weekend.

Chief Oyemomi said that he was assuring his surpporters  not to be distracted by anybody or rumours and not to be discouraged because some politicians are going about to discourage supporters of serious aspirants who are now ready to help the people of the state with their well cut out programmes

He said that osun state has gone beyond those who will be dancing about or gamblers who will go about junketing when they should be very busy attending to the needs of the people and move osun state forward

He pointed out that Osun state today is not that of yesterday and it need a serious minded person to govern it.

He said that he would continue to work har and ensure that he wins the ticket of the party and retreated the stand of the people in Osun West that it should be the turn of the zone to rule the state./

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