Dr. Ezekiel Oyebola Oyemomi
A governorship aspirant under the platform of the All Progressive Congress in Osun State, Dr. Ezekiel Oyebola Oyemomi has said that whatever the workers in Osun State are going through now would soon be a thing of the past as long as they show dedication and devotion to their duties.

Oyemomi from Osun West senatorial District in his May Day message to felicitate with the workers argued that there was no doubt, workers who are dedicated and carry out their duties faithfully would at the end of the day reap the fruit of their hard work.

According to him, workers in Osun state stand out as one of the best in the Country and their efforts in helping various governments in the state has in no small way contributed to the success, progress and stability which the state has been enjoying since its creation.

He argued that no government would want to toy with workers because any government that wants to excel must carry the workers along since they are the ones that poses the instrument and the capability that could make a government function properly.

He said that without any doubt, May 1st would forever be a memorable day for workers all over the world because of its significant and what it represents to the entire work force world over that makes it a special day. He called on workers to shun bickering, idleness, corruption and other vices that could dent the already good image of workers and the good relationships they have  been enjoying with various government that have ruled the state.

Oyemomi pointed out that  workers should always used the right channel to lodge their grievances rather than being combative saying that issues are better resolved through round table as human beings are bound to disagree and agree   and the only way to come to terms by both parties is not in any other way than amicable settlement.

Oyemomi used the occasion of the workers May Day celebration to let the people of Osun state know that the only way to guarantee sustainable development in the state is to give room for continuity in government, saying that Osun state has begun a new order and in terms of infrastructural development which should not be disrupted by another political party, who would not share the vision and the Mission of the ruling party to continue the work being carried out by the APC.

The APC he said is a progressive party that would not deviate from the yearnings and aspirations of the masses, adding that if he comes to power, he has set up a special committee that would look into the plights of workers in the state and come up with the tangible solution would make whatever they must have been going through be a thing of the past.

He promise that he would carry the workers along and ensure a good synergy between his government and the labour unions as all decisions to be carried out would always have workers impute. ‘’We shall ensure that we have a good rapport with workers because they form the bedrock of any government that is peoples’ oriented which our own government would definitely be’’

‘’ I therefore congratulate workers, in Osun state, Nigeria and all over the world and I wish them many May Day celebration in years to come’

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