2019: Eschew Any Act That Could Truncate Democracy - Osun Guber Aspirant, Oyemomi Warns Politicians

 Oyebola Oyemomi
Politicians have been n called upon not to do anything that would truncate the ongoing democratic process and play the game according to the rules. 

According to a statement from one of the governorship aspirants under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), in Osun State, Chief Oyebola Oyemomi, the way politicians in the country are carrying themselves without respect for one another portents great danger for our democracy to strive.

He pointed out that time has come for all politicians to see themselves as one irrespective of their political platforms. He further argued that if truly Nigerians are out to serve the people, they should not do anything that would truncate democracy, but try to protect it so that the country can develop. 

Oyemomi who is from the Osun West Senatorial District posited that a nations would  only grow,  if  her  democracy is sustained and promoted by those practicing it, as anything short of this could lead  the country to disaster.

He believed that politicians should shun vices that would make people cast aspersions at them.   ‘’As politicians, we must lead by example and prove that we are ready to direct the affairs of the nation aright to help development and empower the people. We should not in any way deceive the people, we should be transparent enough to convince them that we are leading them to   and the country to a better tomorrow’’.

The former federal Head of Service and Permanent Secretary in various federal Ministries pointed out that the feelings and the impression the people now have about politicians is not encouraging ‘’and it is high time we change our attitudes and build a big trust among ourselves and the people, so that they would be assured that their future is protected in the hands of those elected to lead them.

 The political class he said should show transparency, accountability, faithfulness, honesty and fears of God. He pointed out that the politicians’ transparency should start from the ways those who would represent the people are selected. According to him if the process of selection is faulty it means that the foundation is faulty and any structure built on it would definitely collapse, saying that this is the reasons why the right person who is prepared and willing to work should be selected to rule.
Chief Oyemomi said that in a situations where favoritisms, God father’s, controls the process of selecting, who represents a political party without respect for due process, transparency, justice and fairness  play that political party has already failed. ‘’  This is why in  Nigeria today we must ensure that our leaders are upright because things are changing all over the world and Nigeria  should not be left behind as a result wrong choice to leadership positions.
  Money Politics can’t make Nigeria great----Oyemomi

Chief Oyebola Oyemomi who wants to contest the governorship from Osun West Senatorial District under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has condemned money politics which has become the order of the day in Nigeria, saying that this would not make the country great but affects her growth in future.
Oyemomi in one of his interactive sessions with his supporters, said that it was high time we deemphasize money politics which to him, has been hindering the progress of the country because it has been preventing those who intend to serve the country genuinely and who would have offered their best for the development of the country to come out for leadership positions.
He argued that since the past 18 years, money has been the determining factor in Nigeria politics and for whoever wants to occupy political positions all over the country.  Because of this he sai, those who have what it takes to move the country forward move back because they don’t have the wealth to compete with the money bags, ready to spend their last kobo to buy their ways through the election and selection processes. 
He argued that, he agreed that nothing could be done without money, but it should not be the yardstick and major criteria for critical and sensitive political offices, saying that the process of conducting election in Nigeria is too expensive and called for the total review of our electoral processes which would deemphasize money politics as the main issue that can bring someone to power.
 He believed that the huge amount demanded by political parties from aspirants should as well be reviewed, adding that in a situation where a councillorship aspirant was asked to pay about N5million to obtain an intention form is not the best.’’ To me I think there should be unified amount throughout the country and which all the political parties must adhered to and which should be affordable by would be aspirants’’ The price for intention forms to all elective positions should be the same and this would prepare the minds of those who are willing to contest on what they have to pay. ‘’
The unified amount that would cut across all the political parties would not give room for arbitrary demand by various political parties that just impose outrageous amount on aspirants to deprive good and honest people who are ready to serve and make impact from contesting.
He observed that money is currently ruling the politics of Nigeria and that was why there was no cohesion among the political class, which is affecting the masses, who are meant to enjoy dividend of democracy. ‘’If one analyze the political situation in the country today, it is money that is causing the bickering and rumpus in all the political parties which has its reflection in all aspects of our political lives and positions’’
He further argued ‘’if  you look deeply and dig into what is causing problems in all the political parties in Nigeria today, you will discover that money has a big role to play and not the quest for power. Everybody wants to get there for whatever they can get or benefit from and not the interest of the people and their political parties.’’
He argued that people like him decided to come out irrespective of whether money or no money play in the politics of Nigeria to serve and believed that the change could start from now. He called on people of like minds who do not believe that it is only money that can do it to come out and serve the people. 
He said that he believed that the trend is fast changing from what it usd used to be because the people are more enlightened than before, saying that the level of corruption in the country would even now want people to vote for who they think would deliver rather than those who would deceive them with money and at the end of the day betray them.
Oyemomi pointed out that he has fully determined to go ahead with the governorship race to actualize what he has for the people and put his wealth of experience in the service of the federal Republic of Nigeria in to bear and for the benefit of Osun people and Nigeria at large.
On the electorate, he warned that they should allow money to be the reason why they would vote for a candidate. He said they should do their private investigations about all the candidates and pick whom they think would better serve their interests rather than unserious candidate, who would go about without any achievement and tangible things to render. Money in politics he argued has blindfolded the people to vote for the highest bidder.
The APC Governorship aspirant thanked the people of the state for their support so far since he has shown interest in contesting. “Since I declare my intention, the support I have been getting and the comments of the people where I go to meet them has been encouraging and I believe that going by what I see and the love shown to me, we shall get there and keep to our promises because I am coming out with genuine concern to further take Osu state out of the woods and build on the existing good legacies of the previous administrations in the state.’’
APC still the political party to beat in Osun---Oyemomi
The All progressives party (APC) is still the best political party in Osun state and other political parties would now have to go miles because they can outwit the party in the coming Governorship election. This was the observation of Chief Oyebola Oyemomi, who is contesting the governorship of the state under the platform of the APC.
Oyemomi from Osun West Senatorial District said whatever the opponent may say; the APC is still the party to beat because of its tract records in the state. He said that the party still has the best programmes for the people and the only mistake it could make is to field a wrong candidate. 
He argued that what Osun state needs now is continuity from a credible candidate and someone who has the experience to pilot the states.  He told his supporters that the party should not in any way make a wrong choice and that members of the party should rally round whoever was picked, saying that with God helping them he was sure of clinching the ticket of the party. 
He called on the APC supporters to shun violence as there is likelihood of their being provoked at this period by the opponents to discredit the party. He promised that his campaign would be on issues and articulated programmes which would better the lots of the state.
‘’We are going to campaign on issues and not campaign of calumny. The issue in Osu state has gone beyond that. What we need is total transformation, raise the poverty level of the people and engage in total industrializations of the state. It is now time to open up the state to investors in all sectors of the economy especially agriculture so that we can have investors in agro base industries battling for investments in the state of the living spring’’ he argued

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