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Oluwo of Iwoland, A Royal Noble Regalia of Treasurable Diction, By Barr. Usman Olayemi


         " The entire human race shall know 
            no peace until and unless it agrees 
             to be ruled by the philosophers. 
             Philosophers are kings, kings are
             expected to be philosophers ". 

Bewildered by the most recent necessary outpour and academic cum historical vituperation which welcomed the commercial point of some of our print media as to OLUWO intending to jettison the Obaship title thereby adopting the Northern peculiar title of Emirship, I felt duty bound to make ex facie and ex abundanti cautela clear my own observation. 

         In His Majesty's Regal Regalia, His Imperial and awesome ways, a King of such uncommon ambience can not but attract to himself controversies. His Lordship outspokenness, rich diction and oratorical prowess can only be synonymous to those of our early days philosophers. My Lord's sense of justice, desire for peace and Amity in the Odidere land and among His children all in no mean way adds to his exceptoinality. 

         Permit me  without being over figurative in my piece to eulogise the virtues of our dear friend and brother,  ALLI IBRAHIM,  the mouthpiece of the Odidere palace.  He is an unrivalled fine ambassador of the youths. A professional mind,  a mature handler of controversies, a prolific writer and an undeniable loyal servant who renders his divine services without fear,  favour, pride and the likes. Only sane minds will appreciate your indefatigable pen.

      Having painstakingly read the autobiography of My Lord,  Oba Akanbi,  Telu NO 1, I wondered why His Lordship had not been conferred with the Honorary Doctor of Letters and diction by any of the world renowned institutions of academics. I had the rare opportunity of meeting with the revered Noble Laurette,  Soyinka himself a month ago,  I was the happiest when upon introducing myself as an indigene of Iwo Land, the man of letter jocularly stated,  " how is Telu,  the growing philosopher King? " I was singled out for a more intimate discuss with Prof.  on the occasion for the singular honour of being attributed to the Emperor of the ancient city.

        The writer of this piece had on plethora of occassion listened to the speeches delivered by Emperor which mostly at first hearing,  I seemed to be far lost. It took me serious rumination and painstaking chewing the cud of the words to decipher the message of the Divine throne. Baba has a deep affection for the use of figures of speech,  inta alia metaphor. My Lord's choice of words are only decipherable by a sane mind, an objective soul and an attentive ear. 

         Although the hues on the issue have gone to the river to drink water,  it behoves me to warn both indegenes, residents,  non-indegenes and non-residents of Iwo Land who will inevitably be privy to future speeches from the Emperor to always be ready to polish their inner mind,  sharpen their sense of hearing and exhibit a rational attitude to the message of the messenger and do away with their senses of bias, lacking in objectivity. 
Long live Telu,  a King who cannot be despised without incurring the wrath of our gods and our God. Long live Odidere Land.  We are proud to be sons and daughters of the most fertile soil....                    
Barrister Usman Alabi Olayemi Esq

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