Tosin: A True Story of A Woman Tortured, Sexually Assaulted For Refusing To Release Her Only Daughter For Sacrifice By Husband's Family

A few years ago when Tosin got married to her husband, Temitayo never thought there was a tradition in her husband's village that will soon put an end to their love which many likened to Romeo and Juliet's.

Temitayo is from a royal family in Igbesa, an ancient community in Ogun State, southwest Nigeria.

After their not too glamorous wedding in Nigeria, Temitayo, together with his newly wedded wife, Tosin traveled to the United Kingdom in November 2016 where fortune smiles at them in the foreign land.

The couple was later blessed with a beautiful baby girl.

Their trouble started when they traveled back to their fatherland, Nigeria sometime in 2017.

According to a family source privy to the happenings who spoke in confidence to News Proof Publisher, Tosin's husband's family demanded that her only daughter should be released to them for traditional ritual meant for any first daughter born into the royal family. The demand, which Tosin vehemently refused to oblige. A decision which was also backed by Temitayo, her husband.

Our source explained that, in Temitayo's family, it is a taboo to have a female child as the firstborn of their male child. That if such happens, such female child must unavoidably undergo a traditional ritual that does not guarantee the life of such female child. That is, such child could either survive the ritual or dies in the process. So, the little innocent girl was requested for the ritual.

News Proof learned that all entreaties by Temitayo's family to ensure the baby girl is released proved abortive, as Tosin was hell-bent, refusing to release her daughter for such blood sucking ritual.

At a point, our source said some family members of Temitayo came from Igbesa to Ijebu Ode, where the couple was living after their arrival from the United Kingdom in August 2017. Their mission was to forcefully take away the girl for the ritual, but Tosin stood her ground. In the process, she was reportedly battered and assaulted along with her daughter. As if that was not enough, a male family member of her husband also tried to harass her sexually, our source claimed.

"Unable to cope with the assaults and threats by her in-laws, Tosin, and her daughter have fled to an unknown destination since January 2018. Her husband, Temitayo too is nowhere to be found, our source said as at when writing this report"

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