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Olamaboro PDP Chairman Salutes Senator Aidoko Over Provision Of Borehole In Okpo

By Yusuf Abubakar

People's Democratic Party chairman,Olamaboro local government,‎Honourable Adams Olofu said the decision of kogi east senator,Atai Aidoko Ali to provide a motorised borehole to the new community mosque in Okpo will go along way to solve perennial water shortage in the mosque and it's environs

The party chairman made this statement during a solidarity visit to the senator in his office ‎at the National Asssembly,stating that his efforts will be a big relieve to the Muslim community and settlers around the area

Adams Olofu stated that the citing of the central mosque will be incomplete in view of the significance of water to the Muslim brothers in the course of performance of abolution and self cleansing ‎which is a corrolary to prayers

The PDP chairman enjoined the senator to do anything humanly possible so as to detonate the misgivings by political ‎detractors who are bent on bringing down the hard earned reputation of the office

He urged the people of the area to show more support to the ‎developmental strides of the kogi east senator in his efforts to provide more basic social amenities in the area of hospitals,provision of light,building and renovation of schools in the area

According to PDP chairman,the promise of the senator to criss cross kogi east senatorial district with projects that have direct bearing is not negotiable,‎saying in no time at the life of the 8th senate.more infrastructural development will be attracted to the area

He advised the state government to key into genuine efforts of elected representatives from the area,particularly the senator,rather than fighting dirty and playing politics with the development of the state

Olofu described Aidoko as a goal getter ‎and true representative of the people who inspite of litigation kept his pact with the people of kogi east rather than indulging  on the other way round

The party chairman said 'water is life'‎ and it's provision to the people can not be over emphasised particularly to communities yearning for development like ours

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