2019: "Its Either Buhari or We Burn Down The Zoo" - Fulani Elite Threatens, Says Christian Are Sacrificial Lamb"

Dauda Umar Potiskum
A Twitter user identified as Engr. Dauda Umar Potiskum, whose profile depicts he is  a PhD Degree holder has threatened to either get back Buhari to rule Nigeria by 2019 or they burn down the 'Zoo"

Dauda Umar @ibraheem_pkm wants everyone to know he is ready to resort to violence if his preferred candidate doesn't win in 2019. 

In earlier tweets, Engr. Umar said; 

"This is putting the Islamic Caliphate on notice, a top DSS personnel accosted me shortly at the Airport terminal, reprimanding me with all deceitful words to renounce some tweets I willfully made & feign ignorance to denounce the ensuing tension Because Nigeria is a Zoo and Christian minority Nigerians are the proverbial "sacrificial lamb" I wholeheartedly want to apologize to the Muslim Ummah & by extension the infidel lots for my high-handedness on issues of triviality."

His tweets read:

Is this not the so-called HATE SPEECH?  What are our law enforcers doing?

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