Ikani Benjamin Okolo
‎In the history of Dekina/Bassa Federal constituency at the National Assembly in the lower chamber,little did we know that such a national assignment that Involved elective position is only meant to make laws that will translate to good governance primarily and to gather affluence to display ostentatious life along with coffee feast,but the tide changed when the music was replayed by the current member representing the area,Ikani Benjamin Okolo(BIO) endorsed by the electorates in 2015

The magic wand was not attained through any self contrived formula  but on a testament devoid of a school of thought that solely believed in politics of self development,aggrandisement,ostracisation,deciet,greed,and to amass ill gotten wealth,but rather to embrace the best practices to be accountable to the electorate by rendering intermittent stewardship lacking since 1999  

It was no longer business as usual ‎at the ascension of BIO to the green chamber as the era of Abuja politicians was abruptly terminated and replaced with indigenous politicking were the elected are always on ground to attend to the electorates as well made himself available in all communal functions within his and outside his political geography  

‎BIO current tenure at the  National Assembly has altered and moved beyond political pilgrimage in the life of Dekina/Bassa people to the homes of the elected representatives,in its place,it is replaced with a pilgrimage of gratitude for a job well done to the electorates by the lawmaker,suddenly the reverse had been institutionalised as the best practices

The missing link interms of humility,good conduct and candour la‎cking since 1999 in the area from political gladiators,was in a swoop founded in the BIO movement which form the hallmark of good governance,development,dividends of democracy,unrivalled skill acquisition programs,empowerment and charity that form the hub of the current occupants disposition  

In 2015,the current representative from Dekina/Bassa Federal constituency did not emerge on a platter of gold,it was a war like race that secured the victory for the young lad after due assessment by the electorates from all the contestants,contrary to the believe of a trend tsunami against the wealthiest with high level connection at home and abroad against all odds 

History had been broken but will be incomplete if the zeal to advance the igala/Bassa race devoid of strong political bitterness and divide must be considered as the idea of, nobody had done it twice except the maiden representative done out of political exigency, without due consideration to the political advantage in line with the current realities brought about the need to return BIO

In the last two and half years,BIO had been a reference point both to politicians,political opponents,rivals,‎and gladiators in view of the rare, sane template adopted to reach out to all the nooks and crannies,individuals and groups interms of social intervention,succour,employement,empowerment and all other life touching activities to the betterment of the generalty of his people bereft of others who have perpetrated themselves in the same election position 

Above all,political consideration which form the primacy of the sojourn of our representatives at the lower house ‎have justified the clarion call from both end of the electorates and opinion moulders to convince our current occupant,BIO to return to the lower house not minding the platform to achieve greater things to the people of his constituency 

In NASS,ranking has become a norm of leadership and membership of various committees at all levels,for first timers,it is glaringly uunrealisable to achieve maximum political benefits and advantages ,it is now getting ripe to put our eggs in one basket in the service of our people to convince BIO to return with minimal contest and personal infringement 

BIO has achieved the minimal score sheet and crossed the line,if not rated above average with a well thought out programs ‎of yearly stewardship through social infrastructural provision like water,education,light,hospital and provision of medical facilities,and all other ingredients that encompasses the dividends of democracy 

In the face of daunting and self inflicted economic cum precarious situation in the state,the federal lawmaker had mitigated and disabuse his people's mind from myriads of self contrived hardship prevalent, as many of them have moved beyond poverty line through uninterrupted macro and micro credit facilities and empowerment in addition to modest empowerment,charity and skill development,a record not broken in recent time 

The periodic,occasional,‎monthly, and yearly gathering of the electorates,political followers,fans and well wishers to access the good political milieu of the household name BIO deserved another shot to the same political office to ensure continuity,unequaled development and distinct breakthrough for our long denied,impoverished and blindfolded entities 

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