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Press Statement: Group faults Buhari's reelection endorsement, says its national embarrassment

Nigeria is in darkness. Nigeria is in crisis. Nigeria is dying.

The Fulani herdsmen massacre of innocent and defenceless citizens in Benue State and other parts of Nigeria speaks volumes of the fear, insecurity, and violence that have become the trade mark of Buhari leadership.

Given the complicity and defeaning silence of President Buhari in all these, it is height of treason for any group of Nigerians to endorse him for second term. Indeed, the endorsement of Buhari for second term is endorsement for Fulani jihad.

Under Buhari, Nigeria is witnessing untold hardship, unprecedented level of poverty, armed robbery, kidnapping, abduction, unmatched nepotism, unthinkable scary and strange events, and most importantly, the inevitability of Nigeria's break up.

Almost three years into his presidency, the campaign promises of Buhari can better be described as tantalizing mirage. Where are the two million jobs promised for every two years? Where are the two million public housing units promised for every two years? What happened to the war on corruption? We now experience more darkness than before he took over. Where is the light?

it is very disgusting and disheartening that instead of vote of no confidence being passed on Buhari, some hypocrites and sycophants no doubt the real enemies of the country, are already spending millions of naira deceiving, cajoling, and mobilising, impoverished Nigerians to endorse Buhari's second term bid.

To be sure, President Muhammadu Buhari has both constitutional and fundamental rights to seek re-election. But it is also instructive to note that Nigerians have the legal and constitutional rights to reject Buhari's second term based on his abysmal performance.

Some Nigerians including the leadership of All Progressives Congress (APC) most especially at the national level may be surprised having these issues raised by our group, a professional arm of the party whose members belong to the same political party and those who worked very hard and tirelessly to ensure victory for President Buhari and other APC candidates at all levels of government. This goes a long way to show that our concern and interests rest with the country than with political parties.

We're more interested in the well being and welfare of Nigerians than a particular presidential candidate. We believe our votes are the only weapons of revenge we have to fight for our rights, for justice, for redress and to move this reluctant nation forward.

Nigerians have lost trust and confidence in the leadership of Buhari and his administration. Nigerians are not willing to expend their votes on President Buhari in the next presidential elections.

Former President Goodluck Ebere Jonathan lost his second term bid basically because he could not fight corruption, poverty, and insecurity in the country. Unfortunately, what we are experiencing today is worst than the evils during the Jonathan era.

In spite the huge investment of our group on the party, it will not join few selfish and coward Nigerians whose only motivation is personal gain to endorse Buhari for second term.

We had expected those who are singing the praises of President Buhari and spending money to promote his candidacy across the country would have taken their time to ask him:
*why his government has refused to build one refinery each year of his four year term as promised,
*why naira has been so devalued instead of N1 to I dollar as promised,
*why he has not turned all presidential jets into national carriers as promised, *why he still allows political office holders to seek medical treatment abroad contrary to his promise,
*why he has not made petrol price at N40 per litlre as promised? They should have asked him what become of the promised monthly allowances for jobless youths and the elderly?
All these and many others are supposed to be the criteria to evaluate the performance of President Muhammadu Buhari to determine whether or not he merits re-election.

We seize this opportunity to commend the courage of both Cardinal Olubunmi Okojie and former President Obasanjo for their coming out boldly to advise President Buhari not to seek second term but to quietly retire to his ranch in Daura. We also appreciate the First Lady, Aishat Buhari for being on the side of voiceless Nigerians.

We hereby serve President Buhari notice to count us out from supporting and endorsing his re-election most especially if his electioneering campaign promises to the electorate are not fulfilled.

We believe Nigeria needs a new leader who is mentally and physically prepared, a leader not only for a particular ethnic group, but for all Nigerians, a leader with vision, vigor, and rigor to tackle Nigeria's ancient problems. Nigerians deserve no less!

Peter Ajayi    
National Coordinator                         

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