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CATTLE COLONIES: Kogi Senator, Aidoko Tackles Gov. Yahaya Bello

By Yusuf Abubakar

Atai Aidoko Ali
Kogi east senator Atai Aidoko Ali has criticised the request for pilot program of proposed Fulani colony‎ in Kogi state,saying his constituency should be expunged out of the new arrangement 

Senator Aidoko made this statement ‎in reaction to the governors visit to the Agriculture minister and also an invitation to use Kogi as pilot state for the proposed Fulani colony 

"In kogi east, we don't even have enough land for ‎farming activities as my people are predominantly farmers,so you don't give what you don't have at all," he said 

According to Aidoko, to worsen the situation, Kogi workers denied of salaries and pensions and those recently sacked by the state government without due process, have all gone into subsistence farming, insisting that, there will be no land for such arrangement

The senator attacked ‎the state government for taking cover in policies and programs that is anti-people, an indication that clearly juxtaposes the tenets of democratic practice and norms 

Having discovered that my people have leveraged on diverse economic trees like Mango,Cashew,Palm oil,Banana,and other essentials,the government has now devised another means to ensure the middle class are in a perpetual hardship and poverty by embracing colony

'it is on record that the so called fulani herdsmen attacked and killed many people recently in a neighbouring state of Benue,and sometimes ago even in the neighbourhood of Agatu people in Omala,instead of empathising,kogi government is celebrating and ushering the same monks'

'We have instructed our peasant farmers and village settlers to be at alert and protect themselves against this people to avoid a recurrence in the state rather conceding to unrealistic policies

'We are not unaware of damages the fulanis and their herders have inflicted on the people of kogi east in Omala,Ofu,Bassa,Igalamela/Odolu,Olamaboro, Dekina and it's environs,stating that all hands must be on deck to nip in the bud any politically motivated policy statements'

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