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Aso Rock President's Seat'll Be Vacant In 2018, What Atiku Needs To Do - Apst. Joshua Releases 53-count New Year Prophecies

Apostle Joshua Emmanuel
Apostle Joshua Emmanuel of Voice of Liberty Intercessors Ministry has declared that the presidential seat will become empty this year.

The clergyman made the disclosure while releasing his prophecies for 2018.

He also warned former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar to be careful of those around him as he makes effort to become Nigeria’s president.

Addressing his members, Mone, however, described the New Year as that filled with supernatural surprises.

He also called for prayers for Nigeria, saying the unity of the country is gone.

Mone said, “2018 is a year of supernatural surprises.
  1. “I see a year of angelic encounter/help.
  2. “The church shall become a home for many.
  3. “I see young ministers/Pastors emerging and old ones bowing out.
  4. “I see a fresh attack on the church through policies and actions.
  5. “The scandal against a popular preacher shall be exposed.
  6. “I see a year of expectant mothers shouting for joy.
  7. “I see a year of marital celebration.
  8. “Nigeria must pray; the strength of Nigeria as a nation is gone.
  9. “I see a year where the mighty in government and the politically protected shall be brought down.
  10. “I see a new financial policy.
  11. “I see a year of political trouble and heavy assassination
  12. “I see many politician being replaced due to terrible health issues
  13. “I see arrest in politics; this is against opposition parties
  14. “I see terrible genocide that has never been recorded in decades in Nigeria happening
  15. “I see the earth shaking
  16. “Nigeria must pray and take measures against earthquake
  17. “I see more bomb explosion, but it is political
  18. “I see fire outbreaks. This following people must pray; Banks, Tank Farms, Fuel Stations, Major Markets and Schools.
  19. “Atiku oh no! Watch your back.
  20. “I see the Presidential seat empty
  21. “I see a mighty wind blowing through the West to the East
  22. “I see six (6) government in serious trouble
  23. “Nigeria Police Force shall be reform
  24. “I see replacement of Service Chiefs
  25. “I see great movement from the North to the South and East; this movement is dangerous
  26. “I see a Governor being assassinated
  27. “Occultic ministries/organization shall be heavily discovered and exposed
  28. “I see high level of blackmailers emerging; carefulness is required
  29. “President Donald Trump will face more political and religious attack but God is with him
  30. “The aviation department must put measures in place; I see missing plane
  31. “China needs prayer; I see ball of fire
  32. “I see a new political party prevailing
  33. “The Governor of Delta state must pray; I see conspiracy and attack
  34. “Ritualist shall increase; the children and women must be carefully watched over
  35. “I see a Governor’s convoy under serious attack
  36. “I see a year where the mighty shall be brought down and the small shall be lifted high
  37. “A popular university will experience serious challenges due to government policy
  38. “I see deportation
  39. “I see the Naira sinking
  40. “I see a new Delta State
  41. “Liberty attack shall bring her great honour
  42. “I see high circulation of money
  43. “2018 is a year of the unexplainable and unexpectable
  44. “I see global war
  45. “I see fraudsters being caught
  46. “I see a new face in Uvwie
  47. “The Chairman of Uvwie Local Government must pray; I see conspiracy, set-up and serious opposition
  48. “I see great development in Ekpan and Effurun
  49. “Bayelsa needs prayer
  50. “I see great opposition in Warri South and Warri South – West
  51. “Chevron must not go!
  52. “I see a year of great wisdom
  53. “A popular shopping mall shall face serious attack.”

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