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2019: Buhari Loses Online Poll by Punch With Wide Margin

The result of an online poll conducted by Punch Newspaper has revealed many Nigerians are fed up with the governance of President Muhammadu Buhari and may not vote for him by 2019.

According to the poll which was titled, “Will you vote for Buhari in 2019?” was conducted on The PUNCH website, www.punchng.com.

It gauged the opinions of Nigerians using three options for participants.

Those who want to vote again for the President in 2019 answered by clicking ‘YES’ while those with a contrary opinion clicked the ‘NO’ button. The last option was for those who were indifferent to Buhari’s choice.

The poll went live on Thursday, 5.48pm.

As of 11pm on Saturday, out of the 9,524 participants who took part in the poll, 58 per cent (5,519 respondents) said they would not vote for Buhari in 2019.

Up to 3,588 people, amounting to 38 per cent, said ‘YES’ to the poll while four per cent (417 votes) were indifferent to Buhari’s 2019 re-election bid.

The poll, which has been read over 10,000 times, confirmed that many Nigerians are not happy with the performance of the President.

Although Buhari has not officially declared his intention ahead of 2019, there are strong indications that he will seek a second term.

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