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No Grudge Against Hembe, Reps Member, Mato; Call On Her Supporters To Promote Peace

mato and hembe
Rt. Hon. Mrs Dorothy Mato, a member of the House of Representatives
who represents Vandeikya/Konshisha Federal Constituency of Benue State
on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) made it clear
in an interview with The New Telegraph on Sunday, December 10, 2017
that she has no grudge against Rt. Hon Herman Hembe, a former member
of the House of Representatives for the same constituency she now

In an interview with Philip Nyam of The New Telegraph, she said,
“Since I recovered my mandate from Hembe, I have not set my eyes on
him. I do not have anything against him. It was just my mandate that
was the issue. I hold no grudge against him. He took what rightly
belonged to me and I went through courts to seek justice. Now, I have
gotten my mandate and, therefore, have no reason whatsoever to keep
malice or begrudge him. He is my son; he is my younger brother and we
were only competitors in a game of politics.”

In a separate statement issued through her media department, Hon Mato
urged all her supporters to promote peace and shun violence. They
should learn to love one another because love is all we need to live
together in our world of diversity.

“We may explore our world for riches and treasure, we may irrigate the
world with rivers of pleasure but without love of no measure, our
solutions will bring more problems, our encouragement, more
frustrations and our hope, more deprivation.

“Let us learn how to love one another and promote peace because it is
what keeps us together in troubles and trials. In times when we don’t
seem to agree with one another, when opinions contrast and choices
differ, love and peace rain down and bring us together to uphold the
values that foster development”. She said.

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