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Man Living In Penury Weds Weds 3 Wives Same Day ...See Photos

By Dansu Peter

Mohammad Ssemanda
Mohammad Ssemanda, a 50-year-old food vendor in Uganda surprised the local people by wedding two sisters and another woman in a day despite his poor financial status.

The sisters are Jameo Nakayiza, a 27-year- old and Mastulah Namwanje aged 24 including a 48-year-old Salmat Naluwugge, whom the man already has five kids.

Mohammad Ssemanda, the food vendor at Kasenyi landing site in Wakiso district, explained that his wives were all okay with his poor financial status.

As a Muslim, he is allowed to marry up to four wives and it is no big deal.

Ssemanda admitted “My wives are not jealous against each other. Good enough, each has got a home and I promise to work harder and support them.”

One of the wives, Salmat Naluwugge spoke “I thank our husband for marrying us all at once, a sign that he will not discriminate or sideline any of us.”

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Mohammad Ssemanda

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